Owner Relations

Daylight values a good relationship with our royalty owners, land owners, and working interest partners. If the information you need is not found here, please contact our owner relations department at ownerrelations@daylightpetroleum.com or call 888-405-5040.


I have a question regarding my revenue payment, who should I contact?

For questions regarding your revenue payment, please email us at revenue@daylightpetroleum.com.

I need to make an ownership transfer, who should I contact?

In order to request an ownership transfer please email us at ownerrelations@daylightpetroleum.com.  Please also refer to the document requirements below.


I have a question/request related to gas balancing, who should I contact?

To request gas balancing statements or for related questions, please email us at revenue@daylightpetroleum.com.

I would like to request a partner production report, who should I contact?

To request a partner production report or for related questions, please email us at contact@daylightpetroleum.com.

I have a question regarding my joint interest billing, who should I contact?

For questions regarding your joint interest billing, please email us at revenue@daylightpetroleum.com.

Why am I receiving a division order and/or revenue checks from Daylight Petroleum and another party?

Depending on the assets and marketing arrangements, it is possible that another WI owner has elected to take their product in-kind (gas). Therefore, you would receive a division order and/or revenue checks from both parties.

How do I contact Daylight Petroleum?

Address: P.O. Box 52070 Houston, TX 77052
Royalty Hotline: 1-888-405-5040
Press 1 for Accounting Specific Questions
Press 2 for Owner relations
Email: ownerrelations@daylightpetroleum.com
(800) 223-5609

What are your hotline hours?

We typically have representatives answering the line from 9:00-11:30 and 12:30-4:00 Central Standard time. If all of our representatives are busy or unavailable, a recording will come on. Please leave a message and we will call you back. Please be sure to leave our name (owner number if available) and correct phone number.

Who answers the hotline phone numbers?

The hotline will transfer your call to the necessary team based on the owners choosing. Option 1) Accounting Specific Questions 2) Owner relations

Why does the amount of my royalty payment change from month to month?

Changing market conditions can cause fluctuations in price. Mechanical and/or other operating problems or routine maintenance may temporarily affect the amount of production if the well must be taken off line for a period of time. Also, as properties age, there is the normal trend toward declining production. If you have reason to believe an error has occurred, please contact us.

What options are available for receiving revenue and billing details?

All statements (Revenue and JIB) will be distributed using an online internet portal (EnergyLink) and can be easily accessed by visiting www.energylink.com.  If you are new to EnergyLink, you can access your JIB and/or revenue statements by either going to the EnergyLink website and following the login instructions or email revenue@daylightpetroleum.com for a username and temporary password.

Does Daylight offer Direct Deposit (Electronic Funds Transfer)?

Yes, Direct Deposit is Daylight’s preferred method of payment as it is the most efficient, safe, and timely method to both make and receive revenue payments.  We encourage owners to sign up for this complimentary service. Please complete the direct deposit enrollment form below and send to P.O. Box 52070 Houston, TX 77052.


What should I do if I don't get my check?

Due to potential postal delays, a check might arrive in the mail a few days late. If 5 days have passed from the date you normally receive your check, give us a call. We will be able to verify whether a check was issued and, if not, the reason why. Also, we can advise you if any further action is required

How long will it take Daylight to respond to my correspondence?

Our response to correspondence varies based on the complexity of the issue involved.  Phone calls are typically responded to within 3 business days.

Why am I receiving multiple division of interest for one well with different names?

Disregard the well name with a dash and a number next to it.

Why is my WI not shown on the DO?

The DO reflects the NRI not the partners WI. If requested, we can confirm the WI.

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